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The relationship of a book

Does anyone else experience the depression when a book or a series comes to and end? I know a lot of people beside myself did with the Twilight series when it was over, but what about other books? Do you feel almost let down at the end of a book? I do. I know it’s stupid but I seriously feel dumped. Unless I have another book readily available I mope for a couple of days before I can pick up another book. This happens sometimes even when I don’t have a book ready to rebound with. Sometimes I think I’m completely losing my mind but then I’m wondering if there is a logic to it somehow. It’s a relationship or an affair.

Think about it:

 You’ve given yourself completely over to a book.

 You spend time with it.

 You neglect other things you should be doing because of it.

 You love it and it obviously loves you back unconditionally.

 You caress the cover when you close it and the pages as your reading it.

 You sigh at the words that it’s speaking to you.

 You take care of it and carry it with you everywhere you go.

 It takes care of you and drifts you off into another world so you don’t have to think about other worries or stresses.


Then just when you have completely given your heart and soul you get toward the end of the book and you get anxious knowing the words are coming to and end. Knowing that you’ll be wondering about all of the friends you met along the way and wondering when you’ll hear from them again. Wondering if the next book you pick up will be as good or better than this one.   It’s almost just like wondering if that call is ever going to come, knowing that it’s false hope and it probably won’t, but can’t help but let yourself believe otherwise because you just don’t want to give up hope.

It may sound ridiculous to some and even when I re-read what I just wrote I’m even shaking my head at myself, but that doesn’t deny the fact that I still feel it.   I just finished book two of a series and even though I know that the 3rd book is coming in March of 2010 I’m still upset that I’m separated from my series for another long period of time.

I have picked up 6 books since last night and I can’t seem to get into any of them. I’ve tried a different genre hoping that maybe I just needed a change of scenery but that didn’t cut it either. So I’m back to searching.

I know this is a temporary feeling and probably by tonight or tomorrow I’ll find the perfect replacement book, I always do, but I go through this every single time I come to the end of a book, unless I’m picking up a continuation of a previous series that I’ve read and can dive right in. This was the last of all my series and each one of them has a book coming back, but not until the earliest December and it’s only August!

So, the search is on for either a stand alone or a completely new series…. unless I go back to my ‘ol faithfuls… James Patterson & Lisa Gardner. I just don’t know if I’m ready for that genre again. I’ve been away from it pretty much all summer and I don’t know if I’m ready to leave the underworld just yet.

So, just like while you’re waiting for that phone call that isn’t going to come I’m going to go get myself some comfort food (chocolate eruption cheesecake maybe??) and start hunting for a good book to read!


chocolate eruption cheesecake

Paw prings

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