» One To Keep, Sophie Oak

25 Jun
One To Keep, Sophie Oak

One To Keep is book #3 in the Nights In Bliss, Colorado series by Sophie Oak.
As the series progresses Sophie Oak’s writing is getting better and better.  I love this series.
The King of Bliss, Colorado!
Stefan Talbot has been in all of the books so far in the series and I can see him being in all the rest as well.  He’s the matchmaker and …

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» Two To Love, Sophie Oak

17 Jun
Two To Love, Sophie Oak

Two To Love is book number 2 in the Nights In Bliss, Colorado series by Sophie Oak.
This series is fantastic!  I’m a little behind (or maybe ahead of) it though.  I should have started with the Nights In Bliss series and I didn’t.  I started with Texas Sirens series first.  Although the two can be read separately from each other I would have preferred …

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» Siren Unleashed, Sophie Oak

09 Jun
Siren Unleashed, Sophie Oak

Siren Unleashed is book #7 in the Texas Sirens by Sophie Oak.
Oh what fun we have when twin brothers antagonize each other… and a girl they both have eyes for. 😉
This is yet another fantastic instalment in this series. I cannot get enough of Sophie Oak and her characters. Ben and Chase Dawson are gorgeous alpha male Doms and kick-ass ex-military men. They are …

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» Siren In Bloom, Sophie Oak

05 Jun
Siren In Bloom, Sophie Oak

Siren In Bloom is book #6 in the Texas Sirens series by Sophie Oak.
Sophie Oak has kicked out yet another kick-ass steamy romantic snack.  I know these books were written quite some time ago now, but I’ve just recently had the utmost pleasure of enjoying them. I am totally hooked on these characters and completely in love with this series.
In addition to connecting with …

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» Adored, Lexi Blake

15 May
Adored, Lexi Blake

Adored is book #8.5 of the wonderously sexy & phenomenally well written Masters and Mercenaries series by Lexi Blake.
I get so excited and tongue twisted every time I get to read a new Lexi Blake novel and/or novella that I’m like a school kid who gets to meet her teen idol or something!  I’m reading it so fast because I just can’t wait to …

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» Luscious, Lexi Blake

03 May
Luscious, Lexi Blake

Luscious is either book 8.25 of the Masters and Mercenaries series or book 1 in a new spin off called Topped by the mega-talented genius Lexi Blake.  I’m not sure which way to label it.  Either way it’s a must read!
The Story
Lexi Blake once again has brought together family and friends from the amazing Masters and Mercenaries series.  Sean Taggart aka Little Tag, Ian’s …

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» Masters of Freedom: A Mountain Masters Novella, Cherise Sinclair

29 Apr
Masters of Freedom:  A Mountain Masters Novella, Cherise Sinclair

Masters of Freedom is book #5 in the Mountain Masters & Dark Haven series by Cherise Sinclair.  
It’s been what seems like forever since I’ve read something from this series.  It was so nice to get reconnected with this crew.  They are an awesome bunch!

The characters:  Both Atticus and Gin are fantastic! Gin is a hell of a female character!  She’s just wicked strong …

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» Sweet Child ‘O Mine, Lexi Blake

29 Apr
Sweet Child ‘O Mine, Lexi Blake

So incredibly good!
This is a little novella treat from Lexi Blake for her fans of the Masters & Mercenaries series.
There is no printed book and I’m not entirely sure there ever will be.  Maybe some time down the road she will have this as a printed book or maybe be tagged onto the end of another book or something like that.  For now though, …

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