» Sweet Child ‘O Mine, Lexi Blake

29 Apr
Sweet Child ‘O Mine, Lexi Blake

So incredibly good!
This is a little novella treat from Lexi Blake for her fans of the Masters & Mercenaries series.
There is no printed book and I’m not entirely sure there ever will be.  Maybe some time down the road she will have this as a printed book or maybe be tagged onto the end of another book or something like that.  For now though, …

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» Their Virgin Mistress, Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

23 Apr
Their Virgin Mistress, Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

Their Virgin Mistress is book #7 in the Masters of Menage series that is a collaboration by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake. 
What a team Shayla and Lexi are.  This series is quite fabulous!  I’ve been a huge fan from the beginning.
The Characters
Tori Glen (Melinda Torrance Glen aka Mindy) is a pretty great character.  Virgin yes… but not so innocent and shy like most virgins. …

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» Nobody’s Dream, Kallypso Masters

14 Apr
Nobody’s Dream, Kallypso Masters

 Ahhh – mazing!!!
Nobody’s Dream is book # 6 in the Rescue Me saga by the amazing Kallypso Masters!
So amazing! So incredible! So… there aren’t enough words to properly put it into perspective how I feel about this book.
You have absolutely got to read this series from the beginning. You can’t just pop in and read this book and expect to know what the hell is …

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» Siren Beloved, Sophie Oak

04 Apr
Siren Beloved, Sophie Oak

Siren Beloved is book #4 in the Texas Sirens series by Sophie Oak.
This was fabulous! The story of love and connection between Lucas, Aiden and Lexi was breathtaking. I was absolutely enamoured by it. Drawn in from page 1. Actually, drawn in from the previous book in the series if I’m being completely honest. Lexi and Lucas was in previous books …

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» Siren Enslaved, Sophie Oak

31 Mar
Siren Enslaved, Sophie Oak

Siren Enslaved is book #3 in the Texas Sirens series by Sophie Oak.
Hot damn this is a good book!
If you go back to my review of Siren In The City, you’ll see that I mentioned Julian.  Well I sure wasn’t disappointed.  I’m a huge fan.  He is so freaking adorable.  I know some people will read the book and say that “adorable” and “Julian” …

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» Small Town Siren, Sophie Oak

27 Mar
Small Town Siren, Sophie Oak

Small Town Siren is book #1 in the Texas Sirens series by Sophie Oak.
I loved this book!  I immediately fell in love with these characters.  Talk about Insta-Love!  Yeah, that was me with these characters.  Especially Jack, but Sam is no slouch either.
Sam and Jack are ranchers and best friends and they have their eyes on a nice little red headed filly named Abigail, …

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» You Only Love Twice, Lexi Blake

23 Feb
You Only Love Twice, Lexi Blake

You Only Love Twice is the 8th book in the Masters and Mercenaries series by Lexi Blake.
I’m SO in love! I can’t imagine not being able to read about these wonderful characters and their little BDSM infused mercenary world they’re living in. It’s simply a delicious read!
Jesse Murdoch is ex-army who suffered a terrible ordeal with a terrorist who killed his entire team in front …

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