» Dungeon Games, Lexi Blake

21 May
Dungeon Games, Lexi Blake

Well this was a nice little snack to tide me over until the next, and I’m sure just as amazing, instalment comes in this series.
Honestly, I cannot seem to get enough of the McKay-Taggart boys and their friends at Sanctum. Derek Brighton is a policeman and doesn’t work directly with the Taggarts, but they all know each other and I want to say are friends, but …

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» Alpha, Jasinda Wilder

12 May
Alpha, Jasinda Wilder

I read the synopsis of this and was intrigued to pre-order it.
You have Kyrie St. Claire a college student who was handed a rough deal in life with her father’s passing.  She ended up having to provide for her mentally sick mother and put her brother and herself through school, pay rent, eat… survive. Very difficult for a young girl going to school.  When all seemed lost …

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» Raw Desire, Leah Brooke

05 May
Raw Desire, Leah Brooke

I’m a little torn about what I’m going to write for this review.  I mean did I like it?  Yes.  Did I love it?  No.  Was it fun to read?   Somewhat, yeah… I mean you can’t go too terrible wrong with yummy hot male alpha characters.  Was it as good as the first few books in the series?  Not at all, but should I be …

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» Carnal Secrets, Suzanne Wright

01 May
Carnal Secrets, Suzanne Wright

I read Carnal Secrets awhile back but have been trying to catch up on some reviews lately. 
What can I say?  I’m a sucker for a good werewolf romance.  This series has been quite good and this instalment is just as good as the first two in the series in my honest opinion.  I always look forward to the next book… which seems to take forever btw.
Shaya, …

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» Dungeon Royale, Lexi Blake

01 May
Dungeon Royale, Lexi Blake

Dungeon Royale is the 6th book in the Masters and Mercenaries series by Lexi Blake.
Let me start off by saying that I am completely in love with this series.  Masters & Mercenaries that was created by Lexi Blake is freakin’ brilliant!  I mean sure it’s packed full of a LOT of sex and a LOT of BDSM  subject matter, but this series is far beyond …

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» Bully, Penelope Douglas

26 Jul
Bully, Penelope Douglas

First and foremost I would absolutely 100% recommend this book.  It’s incredibly well written and entertaining as hell.  The style of writing keeps you so interested that you just can’t help but turn the pages to see what’s going to happen next.  At the end of each chapter it’s almost friggin’ impossible to put it down, which is the sole reason why I stayed up …

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» Out Of Breath, Rebecca Donovan

07 Jul
Out Of Breath, Rebecca Donovan

Firstly… holy freakin’ crap!!!
Secondly… holy freakin’ crap!!!
Oh my gosh, this has been the best book ever!  Loved it.   Every single pain-filled, breath-taking, heart-stopping, nail-biting, gasping-for-breath, wanting-to-rip-someone-a-new-one moment of it.  Emma wasn’t the only one having a hard time breathing.  I swear my heart literally stopped several times.
To start I really have to take a minute to talk about Sara!  Do true best friends like that really exist?  I …

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» Barely Breathing, Rebecca Donovan

03 Jun
Barely Breathing, Rebecca Donovan

This is a fantastic follow up to the first novel Reason To Breathe.  This book just consumed me.  I started it yesterday at work and finished it this morning.  It’s everything.  Funny, sad, exciting, gut-wrenching and heart-breaking.    I’m emotionally drained I think.  I’m not in the best of spirits these days and a little under stress or pressure and this book just destroyed me.  Don’t …

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