» Shards of Frost, Suzanne Wright

05 Mar
Shards of Frost, Suzanne Wright

Shards of Frost is book #5 in the Mercury Pack series by the lovely and talented Suzanne Wright.  It’s also sadly the last book in this series.  The Phoenix Pack and Mercury Pack books are closely linked with friends and family members from both packs.  Again, SADLY, both series are now finished.  The only saving grace is that her new series will see some of …

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» Untamed Delights, Suzanne Wright

31 Oct
Untamed Delights, Suzanne Wright

Untamed Delights is book #8 in the Phoenix Pack Series by Suzanne Wright and unfortunately the final book in this series as well.  Good news though, I have heard that the characters from The Phoenix Pack and The Mercury Pack will make appearances in Suzanne Wright’s new series (sorry I don’t have a title).
Let me start out by saying that I adore Suzanne Wright and …

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» Echoes of Fire, Suzanne Wright

22 Mar
Echoes of Fire, Suzanne Wright

Echoes of Fire is book #4 in the spin-off series, The Mercury Pack from Suzanne Wright. It’s a spin-off from the Phoenix Pack series.  Both are fantastic if you’re into Wolf Shifters and romance with a side of kick assery.  I for one am very much in!
Pretty much all of these books can be read as a standalone, but I don’t recommend that.  You would …

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» Wild Hunger, Suzanne Wright

20 Aug
Wild Hunger, Suzanne Wright

Wild Hunger is book #7 in The Phoenix Pack series by Suzanne Wright.
I am a huge fan of Suzanne Wright… this series and the Mercury Pack series in particular.  Love me some shifter romance and suspense!  I simply adore how Suzanne Wright spins a tale.  Her writing flows so smoothly that it brings you right into the story.  You don’t just read it, you feel, …

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» Fierce Obsessions, Suzanne Wright

21 Jul
Fierce Obsessions, Suzanne Wright

Fierce Obsessions is book #6 in the Phoenix Pack series by Suzanne Wright.  
I love this series!  I’m kinda smitten with the whole sexy shifter thing anyway but these particular shifters (including the Mercury Pack) are just my favourites! They are all sarcastic and funny as hell. It’s a joy reading about them.
I’m so glad that Tao finally got his story.  He’s a little grumpy …

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» Spiral of Need, Suzanne Wright

05 Jul
Spiral of Need, Suzanne Wright

Spiral of Need is book #1 in the Mercury Pack series by Suzanne Wright… but it is also a spinoff from The Phoenix Pack series.  
This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!  Honestly, I love these wolves and to have a new series that’s a continuation of the original series is amazing.  I get to keep up to date with all the Phoenix wolves and learn some …

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