» Snowfall, Maeve Morrick

27 Oct
Snowfall, Maeve Morrick

I took part in Amelie Hunt’s Arc Wave promo. Whoever signed up was given (for an honest review) five series of three books each of ARC’s from five different authors to read and review by October 9th. These are all novellas and I was a little stumped on how I was going to do up the reviews, but decided to break them into five posts …

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» Flames of Desire, Leah Brooke

18 Sep
Flames of Desire, Leah Brooke

Flames of Desire is book number 10 in the Desire, Oklahoma series by Leah Brooke.
The Ups!
A lot!!!
This book really was extremely hard to put down. The fast pace and dialogue was fantastic! I loved the characters, especially Law and Zach Tyler.  Courtney was a bit wishy washy at first for me, but quickly became a great character. She had her reasons for the wishy …

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» Master No, Lexi Blake

11 Aug
Master No, Lexi Blake

You know when you’re packing that imaginary bag in your head of things to take with you to a deserted island that you cannot live without??? EVER?  Well, the entire Masters and Mercenaries series has made my list. Matter of fact, it IS my list. It may be all I need to survive on the mystery island in my head. Yeah, that and maybe some wine too.
The Lady Is …

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» Up All Night In Bliss, Sophie Oak

29 Jul
Up All Night In Bliss, Sophie Oak

Up All Night In Bliss is a novella and book #6.5 of the Nights In Bliss, Colorado series by Sophie Oak.
One of our favourite characters from previous books is feeling a little down on herself since having twins.  She doesn’t feel sexy and wanted and is holding herself back.  Her husbands are there to tell her that she’s their entire world and they won’t …

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» Lost In Bliss, Sophie Oak

08 Jul
Lost In Bliss, Sophie Oak

Lost In Bliss is book #4 in the Nights In Bliss, Colorado series by Sophie Oak.
Sooooo good!  You gotta love suspense, but suspense wrapped up with sexy hot FBI agents and sexy hot local Sheriffs and deputies not to mention a sexy hot ex-Navy SEAL team member and one spunky little ex-FBI profiler and now you’ve got my attention.
All the sexy hotness aside, the …

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» Siren Unleashed, Sophie Oak

09 Jun
Siren Unleashed, Sophie Oak

Siren Unleashed is book #7 in the Texas Sirens by Sophie Oak.
Oh what fun we have when twin brothers antagonize each other… and a girl they both have eyes for. 😉
This is yet another fantastic instalment in this series. I cannot get enough of Sophie Oak and her characters. Ben and Chase Dawson are gorgeous alpha male Doms and kick-ass ex-military men. They are …

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