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BEWARE, please! This book contains explicit sexual content and may or may not contain Erotica &/or BDSM content as well. As such, it is not suitable or appropriate for readers under the age of 17 or readers who would be offended by this subject matter. My review may also contain conversation of the same. This warning has been extended to include some NEW ADULT as well.
Siren In The City, Sophie OakSiren in the City by Sophie Oak
Series: Texas Sirens #2
Published by Siren-BookStrand on September 17th 2010
Genres: Adult, Romance
Pages: 206
Format: eBook
5 Stars
5 Flames

[Menage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, BDSM, public exhibition] When the Dom's away...the subs will play! Jack and Sam married Abby. It was supposed to be for forever, but lately Abby wonders where her alpha male has gone. Jack has retreated, and life has become decidedly vanilla. It isn't the true threesome she and Sam wanted. Sam and Abby know the time has come to fight for what they need. A call from his mentor forces Jack to revisit the club where he discovered his sexuality. Jack's half-brother is in the city and interested in a little blackmail. Can Jack handle two defiant subs and a brother in need of tough love? Sometimes all it takes to find the way home is a little love and a lot of bondage. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

My Thoughts Green swirls

Siren in the City is book #2 of the Texas Sirens series by Sophie Oak.

Yeah! Now this is what I’m talking about! Oh my God, I don’t know where to begin. I’m so excited about this book and where it went in the lives of Jack, Sam and Abby.

I finished book 1,  Small Town Siren and I loved it to death but I was left a little lost at the end because there was something amiss with the relationship between the three.  There was a little something more that was going on that was sort of left unsaid between Sam and Jack but was very loud and clear to me as a reader.  At the time I didn’t realize that book 2 was going to elaborate on their story.  I’m more than thrilled with how this turned out.

The relationship once again between these three was so beautiful to read. The author just reached out and grabbed your attention and held it throughout the entire book. Abby and Sam are so funny. They are bad little subs and they are craving the attention of their Dom whom is otherwise very preoccupied with tormenting thoughts that is keeping him from doing as he promised, which is to be their Dom.  So… what do subs in need of attention do?  They act out and turn into little brats!

Hilarious! Oh my gosh, this book will have you laughing right out loud at times. It is such an enjoyable read and such an endearing love story. There is healing and love and comedy all rolled into this one… and maybe a little karma there too. *wink wink* I don’t want to leave you thinking that this is strictly a comedy either.  It is very much NOT a comedy.  It just holds a lot of funny things that make you fall in love with all of the characters and it endears them to you. The witty dialogue and situations they find themselves in are funny, but the fierce and serious feelings behind everything is breathtaking and quite beautiful to read. Warm fuzzies all over the place!

The other thing that is amazing , I’m finding out as I read this series, is that Sophie Oak is so fantastic at leading you up to the next book by introducing you to characters in the previous book.  Now, I know this is the second book’s review, but I’ve already read book 3 and am starting book 4.  This book introduced us to major upcoming characters from 3 and 4.  I LOVE THAT!

So we were introduced to a new character by the name of Julian (and a couple of others) and my heart instantly found a spot for him.  He was only in it a bit, but enough that I knew there was something more there that I wanted to learn and lucky me… book 3 is his story.

Sophie Oak is amazing.  I am absolutely a mega fan of this series!


Green swirls Freakin Phenomenal

About Sophie Oak

A lifetime devotee to the written word, Sophie published her first novel this year. Prior to becoming a novelist, she worked in theater and comic books. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and three precocious children, who wonder when mom is going to write a book they will be allowed to read. Her answer: probably never. Sophie believes in happy endings for everyone, no matter how extreme the story. Her stories may feature some of the fringe elements of sexuality, but at heart they are always about love.

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  1. Carrie

    Hi Heidi! I love Sophie Oak aka Lexi Blake. She has a way with her dialogue that’s just funny. I figure she must be a hoot to talk to.

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