» Refuge, Rebecca McKinnon

15 Jul
Refuge, Rebecca McKinnon

First let me say that this was a fantastic series and I recommend it everyone.  It’s going in my “unforgettable favourites” list as well as possible re-reads.   It’s just a great story and is written phenomenally well.  The pace, the flow, the transition from chapter to chapter, the character building and growth and last but not least, the climax are all perfect.  I LOVE this trilogy! 
The characters are so great …

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» Cantrip, Rebecca McKinnon

12 Jul
Cantrip, Rebecca McKinnon

Ahhh I am so into this series.  I thought the first book was amazing but this one is just “as” if not “more” amazing.  I don’t want to say I like it better because I loved the first one just as much but this one was jammed packed full of surprises.  Talk about developing and characters growing!  Wow.  This book exploded in that respect!  So …

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» Annexed, Rebecca McKinnon

09 Jul
Annexed, Rebecca McKinnon

Colour me pleasantly surprised and delighted.  I was a little worried to start this book/series.  I agreed to read it for a review and once I checked it out I thought it sounded interesting but not necessarily my cup of tea.  That worried me because I didn`t want to give a bad review especially after being honoured with the opportunity to read these by the author herself.  Well, was …

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