» Out Of Breath, Rebecca Donovan

07 Jul
Out Of Breath, Rebecca Donovan

Firstly… holy freakin’ crap!!!
Secondly… holy freakin’ crap!!!
Oh my gosh, this has been the best book ever!  Loved it.   Every single pain-filled, breath-taking, heart-stopping, nail-biting, gasping-for-breath, wanting-to-rip-someone-a-new-one moment of it.  Emma wasn’t the only one having a hard time breathing.  I swear my heart literally stopped several times.
To start I really have to take a minute to talk about Sara!  Do true best friends like that really exist?  I …

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» Barely Breathing, Rebecca Donovan

03 Jun
Barely Breathing, Rebecca Donovan

This is a fantastic follow up to the first novel Reason To Breathe.  This book just consumed me.  I started it yesterday at work and finished it this morning.  It’s everything.  Funny, sad, exciting, gut-wrenching and heart-breaking.    I’m emotionally drained I think.  I’m not in the best of spirits these days and a little under stress or pressure and this book just destroyed me.  Don’t …

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» Reason To Breathe, Rebecca Donovan

05 Jan
Reason To Breathe, Rebecca Donovan


“Wow!” for starters!   It’s hard to say that I enjoyed this book because of the topic but I thought it was phenomenally well done. 
I’m pretty sure this is going to be full of  SPOILERS!!  So beware!
Emma:  She’s an incredible character.  For someone who went through so much and seriously had some issues at home, still took her life by the reins and had a plan …

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