» Perfect Chemistry, Simone Elkeles

01 Sep
Perfect Chemistry, Simone Elkeles

I loved this series.  I didn’t think I would considering that there were no werewolves, vampires, pixies or even a simple ghost.  Nothing of the sort.  Very “human” story for me and it was great!
I’ve seen where most people think that book 1 was their favourite and I can see why but I think my fave is Rules of Attraction, which is the 2nd one.  …

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» Chain Reaction, Simone Elkeles

18 Aug
Chain Reaction, Simone Elkeles

Again, another great read from Elkeles.  I’m surprised that I liked these books.  It’s out of my norm and like I said about Rules Of Aattraction, I could list a bunch of stuff I didn’t like but I just don’t want to.  I read this in an even shorter time than I read Rules of Attraction…. and I think I like this one better.  I’m …

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» Rules of Attraction, Simone Elkeles

17 Aug
Rules of Attraction, Simone Elkeles

I’m going to repeat here what I put on goodreads.  I could pick this book apart if I wanted to, but the simple fact is I don’t want to.  I really enjoyed this book.  I read it in less than a day and I loved it.  I love the characters.  They were great!  Yes, there were so many things that could have been better and …

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