» Until You, Penelope Douglas

13 Aug
Until You, Penelope Douglas

Okay so I don’t need to go into what the book is about because it’s the retelling of BULLY only in Jared’s POV instead of Tate’s.  I also don’t need to hash through how much I adore these characters because it’s all in my review of Bully.  The only thing I will comment on is Tate’s best friend,  K.C.  I gave her a pretty rough time in …

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» Bully, Penelope Douglas

26 Jul
Bully, Penelope Douglas

First and foremost I would absolutely 100% recommend this book.  It’s incredibly well written and entertaining as hell.  The style of writing keeps you so interested that you just can’t help but turn the pages to see what’s going to happen next.  At the end of each chapter it’s almost friggin’ impossible to put it down, which is the sole reason why I stayed up …

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