» Gone, Lisa McMann

24 Feb
Gone, Lisa McMann

WOW!  I’ve seen other reviews where people are not necessarily in tune with this trilogy as much as I am.  I respect others opinions absolutely but I’m having a very hard time grasping why people aren’t liking it.   I’m baffled by that.  I adored all three of these books and my personal opinion is that I believe that Lisa McMann did a fantastic job of getting her story …

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» FADE, Lisa McMann

22 Aug
FADE, Lisa McMann

Even better than the first book Wake. I just love Lisa’s writing style. It’s such a good series and I can’t wait for the 3rd book. It’ll be called Gone and it’s coming out I believe either later this year or early 2010. Can’t wait!
Wake started us out being introduced to Janie. A young teenage girl dealing with a crappy alcoholic mother who doesn’t even …

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