» The Dom’s Dungeon, Cherise Sinclair

19 Mar
The Dom’s Dungeon, Cherise Sinclair

The Dom’s Dungeon is a standalone from Cherise Sinclair.  
This is not a new book for me and part way through the book I realized that I had read it before.  Where I didn’t do a review for it, or I had and it was lost on my old blog, I decided to do one.
The fact that after realizing I had read this before (back in …

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» Snowed In, Lexi Blake

12 Mar
Snowed In, Lexi Blake

What a fun little short snack this was!  Honestly, I read it in a couple of hours and I could not stop!
Reid, Gideon & Jessica are three fantastic characters!  I instantly fell in love with all of them.  Yes, Gideon was a bit hard in the head and I wanted to smack him (if I dared do such a thing to this extremely powerful Dom) …

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» Second Chance At Desire, Leah Brooke

17 Dec
Second Chance At Desire, Leah Brooke

Second Chance at Desire is book #14 of the Desire, Oklahoma series by Lean Brooke.  
It seems like a long time since reading about this gang!  It was so nice to touch base once again with them.  I would have liked to hear a little bit more about past characters.  I know this is Talia’s book with Marshall, Joe & Carter but usually we learn about …

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» I Will Not Beg, Cherise Sinclair

08 Jul
I Will Not Beg, Cherise Sinclair

I Will Not Beg is book #9 in the Mountain Masters & Dark Haven series by Cherise Sinclair.
I have loved this series (and all series by Cherise Sinclair to be honest) from the very beginning.  Her characters are brilliant!  Her writing is amazing.
I have been a little out of the loop a these past couple of years.  I have been reading continually, but I’m re-reading …

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» Muffin Top, Avery Flynn

17 Dec
Muffin Top, Avery Flynn

This is the second book in The Hartigans series, but the first one that I have read.   These are stand alone books, but I can see where it would be fun to read in order too since The Hartigans are a family.  I purchased both books 1 and 2, but this one snagged my attention a bit more than the other one did so I …

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» Master Bits & Mercenary Bites: Girl’s Night, Lexi Blake

16 Apr
Master Bits & Mercenary Bites:  Girl’s Night, Lexi Blake

Girl’s Night is the second cookbook from Lexi Blake.  I could gush on about Lexi Blake forever, but I’ll try and contain myself.  These cookbooks are so much fun because in between all these pretty fantastic recipes are mini short stories that bring us all up to date on the lives of our favourite characters from Master and Mercenaries as well as Topped.  I cannot …

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» Away From Me, Sophie Oak

12 Feb
Away From Me, Sophie Oak

Away From Me is a standalone from Sophie Oak and honestly, I forgot how good this book was!  I read it years ago and now that all of Sophie Oak’s books are being re-released with updated covers and some new content I have decided to read them all again as they come out.  Especially since most of the new content is weaving the Masters and …

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» Siren In The City, Sophie Oak

31 Jan
Siren In The City, Sophie Oak

Another re-release of one of Sophie Oak’s books.  Siren in the City is the second in the series and it was every bit as good this time as it was the first.  Better in fact of course because of the integration of the Masters and Mercenaries characters.  Gotta love Ian Taggart!!!  This will be just a follow up review since I have already reviewed this …

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