» Second Chance At Desire, Leah Brooke

17 Dec
Second Chance At Desire, Leah Brooke

Second Chance at Desire is book #14 of the Desire, Oklahoma series by Lean Brooke.  
It seems like a long time since reading about this gang!  It was so nice to touch base once again with them.  I would have liked to hear a little bit more about past characters.  I know this is Talia’s book with Marshall, Joe & Carter but usually we learn about …

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» Recipe for Desire, Leah Brooke

24 Apr
Recipe for Desire, Leah Brooke

It’s been awhile since reading the last Desire book by the lovely Leah Brooke!  It was a real treat. Apparently  my updates from Amazon were not working because I’m a year late in getting this.  I stumbled across it last week and realized that I hadn’t received my notice and I had to go get it right away.  Follow that by devouring it in …

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» Night Rogues, Leah Brooke

01 Feb
Night Rogues, Leah Brooke

Night Rogues is the first book in the Night series by Leah Brooke.
I’m a little torn about this one.  On the one hand the writing flowed extremely well that it was hard to put the book down and the hotness of the scenes were epic hot. On the other hand it fell a little for me and that can be blamed all on one character.  Serena.
The entire idea …

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» Flames of Desire, Leah Brooke

18 Sep
Flames of Desire, Leah Brooke

Flames of Desire is book number 10 in the Desire, Oklahoma series by Leah Brooke.
The Ups!
A lot!!!
This book really was extremely hard to put down. The fast pace and dialogue was fantastic! I loved the characters, especially Law and Zach Tyler.  Courtney was a bit wishy washy at first for me, but quickly became a great character. She had her reasons for the wishy …

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» Desire Unleashed, Leah Brooke

13 Jul
Desire Unleashed, Leah Brooke

This review was a little harder to write for me, I’ll be honest.  The story itself was pretty non-existent.  Not much going on there.  A little excitement with the whole View Spoiler »bank robbery and kidnapping thing but that was pretty much it. « Hide Spoiler Bleh.
What I did like… no… LOVED was the relationship between Jake and Nat and then bringing in Hoyt to share. …

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» Reluctant Desire, Leah Brooke

27 Jun
Reluctant Desire, Leah Brooke

Y’know sometimes I have to ask myself why I like these books so much because the stories are sometimes so far fetched but the bottom line is that I can’t help it.  I love them.  Fantasy or not, they are just “FEEL GOOD” books.  They make me laugh and smile, they make me cry sometimes… well, okay, maybe just feel like crying… I’m not much of …

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» Submission To Desire, Leah Brooke

15 Jun
Submission To Desire, Leah Brooke

Okay, we have the 7th installment in the Desire, Oklahoma series by Leah Brooke.  I’m enjoying this series.  It’s hot and fun to read.
With this installment we finally get to see King and Royce in full force.  They’ve been looking for their significant other for a long time and were sure that they would never find someone that they could fall in love with and …

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» Raw Desire, Leah Brooke

05 May
Raw Desire, Leah Brooke

I’m a little torn about what I’m going to write for this review.  I mean did I like it?  Yes.  Did I love it?  No.  Was it fun to read?   Somewhat, yeah… I mean you can’t go too terrible wrong with yummy hot male alpha characters.  Was it as good as the first few books in the series?  Not at all, but should I be …

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