» Sinful Resurrection, Kennedy Layne

12 Mar
Sinful Resurrection, Kennedy Layne

Sinful Resurrection is book #2 in the CSA Case Files by Kennedy Layne.
Yeah… now this is what I’m talking about!  I read book #1, Captured Innocence and I wasn’t so impressed but this one totally made up for it!
I love Jax!  He’s an awesome character.  I fell in love with him in the first book even though he was a secondary character.  As a …

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» Captured Innocence, Kennedy Layne

02 Mar
Captured Innocence, Kennedy Layne

Captured Innocence is the first book in the CSA Case Files series by Kennedy Layne.
I have not had the pleasure of reading Kennedy Layne before so when I came across this series I was at first very intrigued with the synopsis.  As I got reading though something happened that I was… not necessarily losing interest, but wasn’t as committed to it for some reason. …

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