» Sirensong, Jenna Black

08 Jul
Sirensong, Jenna Black

Let’s start by saying that I loved this series.  I really did.  It was different and unique and fantabulous characters.  Love me some Keane & Ethan… and I even liked the Erlking!  I know… sshhh, don’t tell anybody.    It touched on a very human life issue that a lot of teenagers face these days.. and always really I guess… Alcholism and broken homes. 
The first two books …

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» Shadowspell, Jenna Black

23 Jan
Shadowspell, Jenna Black

I loved it!  This series is so friggin’ good.  It’s different and fresh and amazing.  I loved the first book and couldn’t wait for the second and it’s even better than the first.  The characters are fantastic and they’re growing perfectly.  There is the perfect amount of suspense in each chapter to make you want to turn to the next.  It’s very well written and …

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» Glimmerglass, Jenna Black

24 Jun
Glimmerglass, Jenna Black

I know I’m doing this backward.  I should be doing my reviews from the other books I’ve read first but I’m just so excited about this book that I have to talk about it right away.  I will do the other reviews as well.  Promise.

Now, Dana, Ethan, Kimber, and the others!  Wow!  I was so impressed with this book.  It was refreshing and I simply …

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