» A Beautiful Wedding, Jamie McGuire

16 Apr
A Beautiful Wedding, Jamie McGuire

Well, for me it was perfect.  The perfect ending to the perfect story.  I know some readers are getting tired of reading the same story with the release of each book because ultimately it’s the same story just told in a different way or by different people. Personally I don’t care about that because I love this story so much that it doesn’t matter how …

Paw prings
Paw prings

» Beautiful Disaster, Jamie McGuire

17 Jul
Beautiful Disaster, Jamie McGuire

This was exactly what it says.  A complete disasterous relationship but entirely beautiful.  This was truly a fantastic little story.  No vamps or werewolves or faeries or angels!  Just a few teenagers with some skeletons in their closet in their first few years of college finding true love and discovering what’s really important.   I know this seems like a very short review but without giving a bunch …

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