» On Her Tail, Celia Kyle

03 Apr
On Her Tail, Celia Kyle

On Her Tail is book #3 in the Quick & Furry series by Celia Kyle.
I do not get tired of these books!  They’re short and quick and really great! This one was exceptionally high paced and exciting. What an amazing concept for a story. This would have worked really well as a full length novel too. At least I think so.
I’m in love with the …

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» Tailing Her, Celia Kyle

02 Apr
Tailing Her, Celia Kyle

Tailing Her is book #2 in the Quick & Furry series by Celia Kyle.
Another good short from Celia Kyle.  This one was rather exciting with all the shooting and protecting and other fun stuff! My only gripe about this one was there was something about a girl/werelioness that wasn’t Brett’s mate. She was there and only mentioned once and then never brought up again.  Okay, …

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» Chasing Tail, Celia Kyle

01 Apr
Chasing Tail, Celia Kyle

Chasing Tail is the first in the Quick & Furry series by Celia Kyle.  
This book is part of a series but they are all standalone novellas.  Characters are brought back in future books, but just as background characters so you can totally read them out of order.
I found this to be a quick and fun little book.  I mean, it’s a novella so it’s …

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» Lorelei, Celia Kyle

08 Feb
Lorelei, Celia Kyle

Lorelei is book #5 in the Alpha Marked series by Celia Kyle.
These books are more novellas than full novels, but Celia Kyle can pack quite a punch in a short book.  Gotta say!
Lorelei has been summoned against her will to the annual gathering that plunks her down in the middle of a bunch of werewolves.  She’s mystified and majorly pissed.  Luckily she has her pink …

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» Rebecca, Celia Kyle

23 Oct
Rebecca, Celia Kyle

Rebecca is actually the 4th book in the Alpha Marked series by Celia Kyle.  I read the first three books but never wrote a review for them.  The thing is, I don’t understand why I didn’t write a review.  These are little novellas but together they tell a story and I have to say, they’re pretty darn good.
Rebecca is marked and is magically forced to …

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