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 “A book is the only immortality.”

~ Rufus Choate


I do the basic 1-5 star ratings… well, mine are paw prints stars-5.  

I personally prefer just writing down my thoughts, but most people, myself included, like to see some sort of rating so I’ve resigned myself to adapt.   Every single site I visit has 1-5 stars or word reviews that are basically still 1-5 ratings.

I “try” not to post spoilers, but sometimes it just can’t be helped in order to get my points across so ALWAYS BEWARE OF SPOILERS on this blog.  I hide as many as I can, but I’m sure some do slip through.  I will do my best to either not post them at all or hide them if I do. 

Below I’ve given a {disgustingly} detailed description of each of my ratings.  I can’t just say I liked it, or didn’t like it, or loved it.   There is ALWAYS more to it than that… especially to one who likes to babble as much as I do.


Also… there will NEVER be a ZERO rating from me! If I didn’t like a book that much, I probably didn’t finish it and, therefore, it would have either one paw print, or I didn’t do a review for it at all. I know that a lot of people think that if you didn’t finish the book you should rate it “DNF” and they’re probably correct but I just can’t bring myself to give a less than 1 star rating to an author just because I didn’t personally care for the story or characters. They still left their hearts on the pages regardless of my thoughts so I give them at least 1 for their efforts and hard work.  It may not be accurate, but it is to me.




Green swirls

Not For MeThis is in no way reflected on the author…  I know, I know ~ that sounds ridiculously stupid ~ of course it’s gonna be reflected on the author. What I mean to say is, I really don’t like to give negative reviews and I particularly don’t like to bash the authors themselves. They pour their heart and soul into their work and just because I couldn’t get into it or didn’t care for it doesn’t mean it wasn’t good.  It’s just simply my personal feelings of the story and how it flowed.  I very rarely give this rating.

Sidenote:  This also means that just because I didn’t like this particular book/story DOES NOT  mean that I won’t read from this author again.  I absolutely will if it sounds interesting to me.



Green swirls

Not Terrible, Just OkayTwo paws mean that I read it and it wasn’t too entirely painful to do so, but it wasn’t memorable either.  It was just… Okay.  This would mostly refer to the storyline not being quite up to par (for me personally) or just a lot of annoying little things about the characters that kinda bugged me a little, or maybe it just didn’t flow without a lot of bumps. Doesn’t mean it was bad, it just wasn’t great… and not my cup ‘o tea.



Green swirls

Not too Shabby Pretty GoodThree paws mean that I somewhat enjoyed reading it (or at least enjoyed most of it). The storyline was okay, could have been better.  I most likely won’t re-read it but that would depend on the situation.  Overall, a bit better than okay but not great.  I liked it!



Green swirls

Awesome I loved itFour paws mean that I either really liked it or maybe even loved it and would definitely recommend it!  It has great characters and a great storyline and is just all around a really good book!  It won’t be without flaws. It’ll be a book that I just simply have a hard time putting down in order to get some sleep.  I will more than likely read it again and just thoroughly enjoyed it. It’ll probably land in my favourites pile too and will definitely have some pretty memorable characters.



Green swirls

Freakin PhenomenalWell this simply means what it says!  It will definitely be listed as a favourite. If there are any “things” in the story or characters that bother me, they certainly aren’t enough to warrant mentioning and definitely not enough to get anything less than 5 paws!  This is the type of book that I can’t stop reading long into the night because the ending of each chapter is so good and climatic that you can’t help yourself but to turn that page to start the next chapter. The pages practically turn themselves all on their own. It’s also one that I find I can’t get enough of to the point that I carry it with me and read it every chance I get. (These are the ones that annoy my husband to no end because I’m reading every second of the day that I can get… during dinner, during commercials while watching TV, on the drive home regardless of the fact that it makes me car sick.  He doesn’t get to talk to me, or rather he talks and I tune him out because I’m listening to my characters and not him.)  You’re so invested in the characters that you actually feel them with every part of your soul.  I read these ones so fast and non-stop that I usually finish them in a day or two at the outside most.



Green swirls

… and I don’t think this really needs any explanation, but humour me… The half paw simply means that I can’t decide between one rating or another so I give it an extra half paw print or take away a half paw print. I think the half is important enough to add it.


“Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.”

~ Author Unknown