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My new blog 5 Stars









Okay folks, I think I’m finally done with tweaking etc.  I’m sure I might do a quick change here and there (that’s normal I think)  but ultimately my blog is all reset and done the way I like.

I changed the name (again) and I also changed providers.  I had my other place for approximately 2 weeks and then ran across BookHost.

Ashley (and her team… if there are any) is the absolute best!  The reason I changed even though I just started with the other provider is because the price is totally reasonable, but beyond that it’s leaned totally toward the book blogger and WordPress.   It’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to run a book blog.  The help for your site is there, but also help with WordPress and other things too.

I originally found Ashley at Nose Graze, which is her book blog.  I went there because the wealth of information there on switching from Blogger to WordPress is phenomenal.  She has tons of other fantastic tips and tricks and information on a lot of things, but when I decided to switch from Blogger to WordPress, I found her site beyond invaluable.

My only issue was that I found the BookHost site AFTER I paid for my other webhosting, but I was so impressed that I decided to suck up the loss of the other host and went with Ashley and Bookhost anyway.  In the long run I will save.  I know it’s only been a couple of days, but I’m thoroughly pleased so far and can’t imagine being disappointed any time soon.    Again, my only wish was that I had found her earlier.

I could sit here and praise her up and sound like some kind of a groupie, but the bottom line is that she sells herself.  I’m not sure if she works with others or if it’s just her, but the customer service alone is exceptionally prompt and accurate.   She does not miss a single detail in your requests and the turn around time is spectacular.

I would recommend her to anyone wanting anything to do with book blogging.  Amazing!

By the way… one little disclaimer from me… Ashley in no way requested me to write this post.  She doesn’t even know I did.


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