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Keep Me Safe, Maya BanksKeep Me Safe by Maya Banks
Series: Slow Burn #1
Published by Harper Collins on 2014-10-07
Genres: Adult, Contemporary
Pages: 304
Format: eBook
4 Stars

Nothing is more dangerous than falling in love. . . . When Caleb Devereaux's younger sister is kidnapped, the scion of a powerful and wealthy family turns to an unlikely source for help: a beautiful and sensitive woman with a gift for finding answers others cannot. While Ramie can connect to victims and locate them by feeling their pain, her ability comes with a price. Every time she uses it, it costs her a piece of herself. Helping the infuriatingly attractive and impatient Caleb successfully find his sister nearly destroys her. Even though his sexual intensity draws her like a magnet, she needs to get as far away from him as she can.Deeply remorseful for the pain he's caused, Caleb is determined to make things right. But just when he thinks Ramie's vanished forever, she reappears. She's in trouble and she needs his help. Now Caleb will risk everything to protect her—including his heart. . . .

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Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks is the first book in her new Slow Burn series.

Caleb Deveraux is desperate to find his sister Tori, who has been kidnapped, and he seeks the help from a unique source.  Ramie St. Claire is a psychic that’s in hiding, but apparently not well enough that Caleb found her and forced her to help him.  Now, Ramie is on the run again from someone who is trying to kill her and she may have to seek the help from a person she planned to never see again.

I have to start by saying how much I enjoy Maya Banks!  Her books are always so much fun to read.   This one here didn’t have a lot of sexy hot scenes like some of her books, but the romantic elements are still there front and centre… and there were still a couple of hot scenes but mostly sweet romance though, which is a little different for her but still very, very good.

There is so much about this book that I absolutely LOVE and then there are a couple of small things that sort of bugged me too, but mostly I loved it!  The thing that I really enjoyed with this book the most is the psychic element. Very interesting twist on an otherwise fairly normal but exciting cat and mouse thriller. The entire story was very “edge of your seat”, which I loved and the psychic aspect of it made it even more so.  I loved that part!  It was very different and so much fun to read.  A really dangerous exciting read.  It was fast paced and hard to put down.  I blew though the book in just a little over a day.

Caleb Deveraux is such an adorably hot sexy character.  He is so caring and sweet and I instantly fell in love with him… even in the very first chapter View Spoiler »  Ramie St. Claire is so very cool.  I really like her character.  She’s psychic yes, but she’s had such a horrible life and yet still puts everyone ahead of herself. She’s very selfless and caring and just such a great person.  You can’t help but fall in love with her and want to protect her.  (…and it’s very important to me to LOVE my characters.)  Caleb and Ramie together are phenomenal!  Loved them as a couple.

The secondary characters annoyed the hell out of me.  Particularly Tori herself.  View Spoiler »

Dane and Eliza (Caleb’s security team) I loved.  Especially Eliza!  She’s just a badass!  Too bad she’s not getting her own book because she appears to be a character that has something to tell.

I remember while reading the book that every once in awhile I would just shake my head at how something would bother me but then I would dive back in and become one with the book again. It wasn’t hard. It was just little things like how Caleb fell in love so bloody fast. They had an instant connection the first time he saw her. Then it had been a long time before he saw her again and they felt that instant connection again.  I get that… but love? It was unrealistic.  The only other little things that I remember were just how it seemed to jump or leave out something that I would have liked further explanation or further time spent on it.

Ultimately though, none of that stuff really matters because it was so easy to forget them and get back into the story… and I can’t even remember half of them now.  I really loved this book! I can’t say I’m excited about the next book though because it’s Beau’s book and he bugged me!  However, I do love Maya Banks so I will definitely be giving it a try and hopefully Beau redeems himself.

  I say read anything and everything you get your hands on by Maya Banks!  


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About Maya Banks

Maya Banks is the #1 New York Times, #1 USA Today and international bestselling author of over 50 novels. A wife and mother of three, she lives in Texas.

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