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Heart On A Chain, Cindy C. Bennett (RE-READ)Heart on a Chain by Cindy C. Bennett
Published by CreateSpace on 2010-12-22
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Pages: 322
Format: eBook
5 Stars

17-year-old Kate has lived her whole life in abject poverty, with an alcoholic father and drug-addicted mother, who severely abuses Kate. At school, her second-hand clothing marks her as a target. Her refusal to stand up for herself makes her the recipient of her classmates taunts and bullying. That is, until Henry returns. Henry Jamison moved away six years earlier, just as he and Kate had begun an to develop feelings for one another. He returns to find the bright, funny, outgoing girl he had known now timidly hiding in corners, barely speaking to anyone around her, suspicious of even him. Kate can't figure out what game Henry is playing with her - for surely it is a game. What else would the gorgeous, popular boy from her past want with her? Kate finally decides to trust Henry's intentions, opening her heart to him. Just when it seems he might be genuine in his friendship, tragedy strikes, threatening everything Kate has worked so hard to gain. Can Henry help her to overcome this new devastation, or will it tear them apart forever?

My ThoughtsGreen swirlsI’m not in a book-rut, necessarily.  I just happen to have too damn many electronics with the Kindle app on all of them. It poses a problem when I’m reading one book at home on my Kindle and then get to work or the ride to work and don’t have internet access and end up grabbing something else that’s already downloaded onto whichever electronic I’m playing with at the time and start reading that.  Then I end up with 3 or 4 books on the go at once. Luckily for me I can do that without too much hassle of mixing the stories up.

This happened to me the other day and I ended up starting to read a book that I read and reviewed back in 2012. Heart On A Chain by Cindy C. Bennett.  It got me thinking about re-reading and wondering what would happen if my outlook on the book was different than when I first read it.  Like what if I didn’t want to give it as many stars?  I decided that would be a good topic for a post.  However, when I started going through all my emails and visiting my favourite blogs I came across Ashely’s post from NoseGraze on the topic “Have you ever been afraid to reread a book?”  It wasn’t quite the same, but similar enough that I will direct you to her post in the link because, well, her site is awesome for one thing and the post is totally worth reading.


   A RE-Review, if you will:  
  • Should it be done at all?  
  • Or only if the review is higher than the original?  
  • Or why the heck are you reading the book again?  


I chose not to do a topic about re-reading a book because Ashley’s post pretty much says it all, but after I finished with Heart On A Chain I decided to RE-REVIEW the book. Maybe it’s not worth it to review it again for only 1/2 paw print, and I may never re-review a book again but in this particular instance I’m doing it for two reasons.

  • One I think if my new review is higher even if it’s only .5, it should be expressed and…
  • two, I think it’s a good topic to see if other people RE-REVIEW their books if they’ve read them two or more times and have changed their opinion of them.

So, I finished re-reading Heart On A Chain in record time and I’ve got to say that YES in fact my rating is changing.  I gave this book a 4.5 rating before and now I’m bumping it up to 5.

I re-read my review before coming here and I’ve decided that even though my reason for deducting .5 stars before sort of are still there in the back of mind the point is that IT DOESN’T MATTER!!  The reason I gave for that little .5 deduction means absolutely nothing to me any longer.  This doesn’t happen very often, but I loved the book even MORE this time around than I did the first time.  I’ve re-read books before and afterword I’m thinking pretty much the same as the first time.  It was fun revisiting the characters and I’m left with pretty much the same feeling as before, but on the rare occasion I actually am more in love with characters the second time around.

Case in point (aside from this one) is Sherry Gammon’s, Unlovable.  I loved it more the 2nd and 3rd time around.  All 3 of the Fifty Shades books, and Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire are the ones that come to mind right now.

I just recently finished reading (for me) Cindy Bennett’s 2nd book The End Of Feeling.  I, unfortunately, did not have such a heart warming reaction to that book.  As per my review I enjoyed it okay and it was good, but nowhere near as good as this one.  Maybe I was comparing and shouldn’t have been, or maybe I wasn’t and just didn’t connect.

Regardless, it got me thinking about the first book I read by Cindy and I remembered how much I loved it.  I hunted it down on my iPod (because of the reason I gave in the first paragraph of this post… sol rolling my eyes and shaking my head right now), and I started reading the first chapter just to pass the time until I had to get to my job.  The rest, as they say, is history.  I simply devoured the book in less than 2 days.  It was deliciously intriguing.  The abuse and bullying is still hard to stomach, but the love story and healing that comes with it is simply breathtaking and beautiful.    I ADORED THIS BOOK… AGAIN!

I don’t know if I’m going to get into the habit of re-reviewing because I don’t re-read a lot of books, just my favourites. However, if I re-read a book and find that my rating is higher, I just might re-review it too!

Green swirlsFreakin Phenomenalpaw print

About Cindy C. Bennett

Cindy C Bennett was born and raised in beautiful Salt Lake City, growing up in the shadows of the majestic Rocky Mountains. She lives with two daughters, and three dogs. She also has two sons and two daughters-in-law. She volunteers her time working with teen girls between the ages of 12-18, all of whom she finds to be beautiful, fascinating creatures. When she’s not writing, reading or answering emails she can often times be found riding her Harley through the beautiful canyons near her home (yes, she rides a Harley and no, you’d never know it to look at her!).

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