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I have been going nuts for the past couple of years to find a feature to add to this blog that spices it up a bit.

First and foremost it is a book blog, but there are so many wonderful book blogs out there that have other interesting posts that are not book related.  Some people don’t like that, but I do.  It shows different sides to people other than their love of books.

Some have book reviews and recipes, book reviews and movie reviews, book reviews and blogging tips ‘n tricks.  You get the idea.  The list is endless.

Green swirlsI cannot mention different blogs without mentioning my three favourites… Ashley’s NOSEGRAZE, Jennifer’s BAD BIRD READS and Kimberly’s Caffeinated Book Reviewer. All three blogs features book reviews but also gives you more.

  • Ashley is well known for her blogging tips and Word Press expertise but has also grown quite a business as well. She’s amazing and I wouldn’t have a blog without her.  Her resources are invaluable to me and many other bloggers. I cannot rave about her enough!
  • Jennifer has a feature on her blog called “I do what I want!”  I cannot tell you how much I look forward to those posts.  I love her book reviews too, but the whimsy ‘I do what I want’ posts are so entertaining and bring all sorts of emotion from laughter to tears with them.  It’s her little niche that she created and it’s brilliant! I adore it!
  • Kimberly does a lot on her blog.  Recipes & Book Recommendations and Caffeinated Confessions just to name two of the features, but also a lot more and it’s very interesting. I like to sit and drink a coffee and browse her site until the coffee is finished.  It’s great!

Green swirls

Don’t get me wrong.  I love blogging about my favourite books and I will enjoy reading until the day I die, but I often wanted something a little EXTRA for my site.  I have a few extra posts on there that have nothing to do with books, like Life Outside of the Reading Realm, or TAZ Moments, but I wanted something that was really special that could become a regular thing and also something that was interesting to other readers and not just myself.  {Not everyone cares what your current rant is about and not everyone will care about the extra feature people has on their sites.  However, some will.}

So I started thinking about what I could blog about other than books and yet still be interesting.  I was going to share some of my writing with people.  I dabble and nothing more, but some of it is possibly interesting so I was going to share some chapters etc. but quickly changed my mind on that one.  I realized two things.

  • I wasn’t ready to have people read my stuff and…
  • I don’t really write fast enough to blog about it.  It would end up being way too hard to figure out what to post and I quickly tossed that idea out.

I ended up calmly deciding (resigning to the fact actually… Oh alright!  Okay!  I threw a mini tantrum that may or may not have involved some stamping of some feet…) that maybe I didn’t need a stupid extra feature anyway!  Then one day a few weeks ago it dawned on me!  Well, more like a slap upside the head, but yeah…  I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier.  Maybe like the writing I wasn’t quite ready to share, but now I am…




I spoke to someone a couple of years back about using Tattoos as my extra feature.  I love tattoos!  I have tattoos!  Was it enough to blog about?  No. I’m not a tattoo artist and I only have so many tattoos to blog about.

Art on the other hand is something that I not only love but also do myself.  I follow artists online through their websites.  I go to galleries.  I buy it!  I get it tattooed on me! Art is a huge part of my life just like books are.  I wouldn’t classify myself as an “Artist” in the true sense of the word because I don’t sell anything I create.  I have been dabbling in art for a very long time. Since I was kid, but it’s more of a hobby or pastime.

I LOVE ART!  I love painting especially.  I started out with Tole painting, moved on up to Oil paints and currently I’m trying my hand at Watercolour.  I also love to draw.  I’m no Picasso but I love sitting down with my sketch book and drawing things.  I particularly love playing around with pencil and charcoal.  I’ve also recently been diving into the Adult Colouring Book craze that’s happening right now. (What is up with that anyway? Adult colouring!  Who knew?) I’m up to my eyeballs in it and loving it so much!  I get to dive into the colouring part without having to sketch up the picture first. The best part about creating work is the “colouring in” part to bring it to life so who wouldn’t enjoy it a little bit more when you didn’t have to do the more difficult part of drawing it up first? No brainer! I’m a huge fan of the Adult Colouring world so I’ll most likely have some posts about that as well.

I have so much respect for the true artists out there. They are so entirely talented and I watch their videos constantly to pick up some extra tips and tricks. Lately I’ve been watching all of these artists play around with the colouring books as well and they are making some pretty fantastic colour choices and themes for the pages in the book.  It’s really quite amazing.

I’ve also come across a lot of amazing new art techniques and trends that I’m falling in love with such as Mixed Media Art Journaling. A few nasty people out there are calling it “more of a craft rather than an art”, but really, some of these creations are pretty freakin’ artistic to me. It involves painting and using your hands… that’s ART baby! I’ve also been playing around with the coloured pencils and using odourless paint thinner to blend them. Amazing stuff!

So I decided that I would continue to do my book reviews, but then also add a post every so often that revolves around art work! This could be a piece that I’ve worked on, or maybe a piece that I found particularly pleasing to me from an artist that I follow. This could be a tattoo artist’s piece that I either love or have or want.  There is an endless supply of art out there that I can blog about.

So yeah… I found my new feature.  ART!  I cannot wait to get started posting about it.  I hope people enjoys it!  I’ll have to gather up some thought about my first post. 

Paw prings

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