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» Mom ~ 1927-2015

18 Sep
Mom ~ 1927-2015

This post will be a complete outpouring of emotions and praise for one of the most important people in my life who just recently was taken back to Heaven.  We borrowed her for 88 wonderful years and we had to give her back.  Man… that sucked!  One of the hardest days (couple of weeks actually) of my life.

This is my Mom!  She …

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» Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie

18 May
Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie

Something A Little Different
I do not normally review movies on here but considering this is Fifty Shades of Grey and it was one of my favourite trilogies, I felt I should review the movie.
So, the movie was released in January and it’s now almost the end of May.  Why so late?  There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for that.  I was scared to watch …

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» Things Are Looking Up!

11 Jun
Things Are Looking Up!

There are several things to be happy about today.  For me anyway.  They’re all fairly trivial in the grand scheme of things, but in my life in this moment I’m having a great day so far.  Week actually.

For starters I have a new web design thanks to the lovely and talented Ashley from Nose Graze and Creative Whim. I’m so in love with my new …

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» My new blog

20 Apr
My new blog

Okay folks, I think I’m finally done with tweaking etc.  I’m sure I might do a quick change here and there (that’s normal I think)  but ultimately my blog is all reset and done the way I like.
I changed the name (again) and I also changed providers.  I had my other place for approximately 2 weeks and then ran across BookHost.
Ashley (and her team… if …

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» Under Construction

08 Apr
Under Construction

Bear with me folks.  I’m transferring from Blogger to WordPress.  I love it so far, but I have a ton of work to do.  I have to redo my links and all that nice fun stuff so I’ll be doing it as quickly as possible.  For awhile, however, things aren’t going to be quite set up properly.  I’m still learning WP so again… bear with …

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» Romantic Proposal

19 Dec
Romantic Proposal

I have to say that I totally sucked this year at posting on my books.  I’ve accomplished a goal of over 150 books read this year but 95 percent of them are ones that I don’t post reviews on.  I just got into a little rut and stayed there for most of the year.  Obviously a rut I enjoyed but just not one that I …

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» Motorcycle

22 Mar

Well, this is completely off topic.  I haven’t written a review in a month or more and I’ve been reading outside my normal genre due to some “Valentine’s Day” thing I was doing to read as many romances as possible and man… I gotta say, they can be a little addictive… and raunchy… and hot.. and sexy and friggin’ addictive again.  Anyway, I got a …

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