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» Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie

18 May
Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie

Something A Little Different
I do not normally review movies on here but considering this is Fifty Shades of Grey and it was one of my favourite trilogies, I felt I should review the movie.
So, the movie was released in January and it’s now almost the end of May.  Why so late?  There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for that.  I was scared to watch …

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» Why the hell do Authors/Publishers keep changing their covers?

24 Oct
Why the hell do Authors/Publishers keep changing their covers?

Okay… so this is a complete and utter TAZ moment for me.
Some people may not care about this but I for one can’t stand it when the COVERS change.  It seriously pisses me completely off!  I spend a significant amount of money (ssshh don’t tell my husband!) on my books.  It’s a sickness really, but that really isn’t the point right now.  The POINT, is that …

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» Heart On A Chain, Cindy C. Bennett (RE-READ)

29 Aug
Heart On A Chain, Cindy C. Bennett (RE-READ)

I’m not in a book-rut, necessarily.  I just happen to have too damn many electronics with the Kindle app on all of them. It poses a problem when I’m reading one book at home on my Kindle and then get to work or the ride to work and don’t have internet access and end up grabbing something else that’s already downloaded onto whichever electronic I’m …

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» Making Comments On Fellow Book Blogs

19 Jun
Making Comments On Fellow Book Blogs

   Have you ever felt “Not Welcome” when visiting other blogs?
I’m a little mystified actually because doesn’t people WANT to have visitors on their blog and have people leaving comments?  Generally your main concern is posting your reviews, and the comments are assurance that your voice is being heard and your thoughts on a book are being shared.  Or at least that’s what I thought.  You …

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» What constitutes “Summer Reading” for you?

17 Jun
What constitutes “Summer Reading” for you?

This is more of a curious question/observation than anything else really.  Someone has mentioned to me recently “Oh that would be a good “Beach Book” OR “Yeah, can’t wait to put that in my “Summer” TBR pile”.  Then just this morning I had a bunch of blog updates to go through and I ran across 3 or 4 posts that involved “Summer Reading”.   Katie’s Book Blog is …

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» Does Your Significant Other Read?

16 Jun
Does Your Significant Other Read?

A lot of people may not have an issue one way or the other with this, but I remember quite a few years ago working with a girl who would complain about how she couldn’t read.  The topic came up of course because I did nothing but read and always had a book in my hand and she just came up to me one time …

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» Things Are Looking Up!

11 Jun
Things Are Looking Up!

There are several things to be happy about today.  For me anyway.  They’re all fairly trivial in the grand scheme of things, but in my life in this moment I’m having a great day so far.  Week actually.

For starters I have a new web design thanks to the lovely and talented Ashley from Nose Graze and Creative Whim. I’m so in love with my new …

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» New Book Purchases

23 May
New Book Purchases

I don’t have a weekly feature for books received like a lot of my fellow bloggers do.  It’s not that I don’t buy enough books, but it’s just something that I couldn’t get a handle on remembering to do.  Or I’d get to Saturday or Sunday to do up a post and I couldn’t remember what books I had purchased that week.  I guess I …

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