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Wow! Two posts in one day! That’s amazing. I’ll probably not have one for 6 months now! Anyway… I have a bit of a rant here. OMG!!! My local bookstore is bugging the hell out of me! Every single time I go there I can never get what I’m looking for!!! Either they have the 2nd and 3rd books in a series there and not the first; or they have two in hard cover and one in paperback. It’s insane!! Meanwhile if I want a specialty book they have all kinds of them, but BRAND NEW RELEASES and they don’t have them!

I don’t know how many times I’ve gone down there with a small list of 3-5 books and can only get 1 or very rarely 2 of them. Today I went down for 2 and I knew one was there and the 2nd one I would be shocked if it weren’t because it’s a brand new book released on August 4th and today is only the 27th.

NOT THERE! I checked the two or three spots that it would be and they weren’t there. So I went to the little computer that’s there to help you out. “5 copies available at this store” flashed on the screen at me. Fantastic. They must have just moved them or something. The young lady who tried to help me went to the bookshelf and found the same thing that I did… it wasn’t there. So she runs down back into the store room and says she was just going to be a minute. She was gone nearly 20 minutes and comes back and says that “We just received the shipment TODAY so it won’t show up on the shelves until tonight or tomorrow, please come back.

Okay, I don’t expect anyone to go through 4 or 5 cases of books considering that there is no rhyme or reason to the boxes of books that they get. I get that, but why is the computer showing that they have 5 in the store if they haven’t even unpacked them yet?? That makes absolutely no sense to me. They shouldn’t show up on the computer as having “5 in the store” if they have no idea what are in the boxes!

I know darn well that someone had already unpacked them and that they were floating around the store somewhere, just not put on the shelf yet. There were 3 or 4 stands of books that are on trollies for the girls to push around the store and stock the shelves with. I know the books were on that, but I was not at liberty to view these stands and the girl obviously didn’t feel like doing it.

I’m just so mad! I’m not unreasonable, but this is infuriating! The books are right there and they couldn’t put forth a little bit of extra effort to ensure a sale. They would rather I go to another bookstore or order online.

I have a good mind to order online and not give them the sale, but the thing is, I want the book for this weekend and not have to wait a week for it. They bank on people’s impatience! I swear they do.

Possibly I wouldn’t be so frustrated with this particular bookstore if it weren’t for the fact that this is happening to me almost every time I walk in that store with an agenda. If I just walk in to browse and waste some time… they have everything I want! Go figure.

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